One Plank. One Moment. Once a Day.

At Plank Training Club, our mission is to train people to Be Present Daily:  One Plank.  One Moment.  Once a day.


We are gathering the most elite planking athletes in the world, creating environments for anyone of any ability, or age to tune into their body, mind and spirit using the most effective core strengthening exercise:  the forearm plank pose.


Don’t just workout — train.

  • Calm the chaos in your mind and perform a plank pose today
  • Get at least one win today
  • Hit the sack feeling accomplished tonight


Are You Holding Your Plank Pose Correctly?

Be certain your form is correct as you perform your plank pose.

Request an invitation to a FREE virtual group plank training session with a certified Hood Core Conditioning trainer.


The #1 place to strengthen your core, challenge your mind and body, and plank with the champ.

It’s been super fun watching people have fun adding the plank pose to their daily lives. We are gathering an ambitious and fun group of people from all over the world in a very lively Facebook Group.

We pride ourselves in a family friendly community and would love to support your goals for your planking journey as well.

We represent all fitness levels and all ages in this very supportive group. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

Join the Facebook community here.


    Impacting Her Community Through the Plank Pose

    Tamara does not allow obstacles to get in the way of her fitness goals. Because of her tenacity and determination, she is impacting generations, her community, and the world via the Plank Training Club. Before she found George Hood and the Plank Training Club, Tamara was dabbling with the various plank challenges floating out on the internet, struggling to reach the promised ending line, missing the mark like most do. Until she found the Plank Training club. She learned from the club and became VERY inspired. Elated to have done it and so very inspired by George E Hood, Dana Bach Glowacka and yourself. Also for members of this club who converse and inspire daily. Tamara credits planking to her increased running times. She consistently shows up in the Plank Training Club to

    Tamara Impacting Her Community Through the Plank Pose
  • I don't know where this plank journey will take me, but I am sure enjoying the ride and the benefits; great friends, feeling stronger and healthier, setting and meeting goals I never thought I would or could, and learning a lot about myself in the process! Thank you, Awesome Angie and the entire Plank Training Club community for all your advice and encouragement. To them and each of you - Keep on planking!!!

    Kim Harnessing the Power of Intention
  • From 0 to 3 minutes in 6 weeks, and she continues daily to strive for longer holds. At the age of 83, Hanny was so inspired by the planking her daughter Tamara has been doing and the tales she head about world record holder George E. Hood that she decided to attempt it herself. Without ever having prior planking or gym experience or any other fitness class she held a one minute plank. She now planks daily and is dedicated to increasing her time. Hanny has been written up in her local newpaper because of the influence she has made in her community through her new-found love of the forearm plank pose. Way to go, Hanny! Plank on!

    Hanny 83 Year Old Discovers Her Inner Athlete


Ultra Endurance Fitness Pro and World Record Holder

George is the inspiration behind the creation of the Plank Training Club. If you want to plank with George Hood, this is the place to be. He continues to inspire the world with his ultra endurance fitness attempts.

Many have referred to him as the current Jack LaLanne, Godfather of Modern Fitness.

George is the current world record holder for the longest plank pose hold. He is also the world record holder for the most plank time accumulated in a 24-hour time period.

He continues to inspire the world with his ultra endurance fitness events and does not plan to stop at his current 12 world records set over the course of an outstanding career.

As a former Marine Officer, retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent, and experience as a law enforcement adviser in Afghanistan, he’s transferring that mindset, focus, and drive into moving the mission of the Plank Training Club – Be Present Daily:
One Plank. One Moment. Once a day.


Honoring the awesomeness in you

Humans make life too hard.

Adding regular fitness into her life, stabilized her sleep patterns and helped lift her from a severe postpartum depression.

Then she met the magical powers of the simple, highly-feared, highly respected, forearm plank pose.

Awesome Angie Engstrom’s passion is bringing simplicity to the complex issues of business and personal life.

You have 86,400 seconds in a day. How you use those seconds are critical to achieve more now and make an impact in the world today.

There is an unshakable mission in Awesome Angie’s soul to instigate change, empower, and impact others to achieve more in less time so that they can live their life on purpose for greater productivity and play.

Stop allowing life to leak away.

Get your plank in today.  It only takes 30 seconds…

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